Grazer of the Week 1st November; Honeysuckle the Welsh Mountain Pony

Honeysuckle Welsh mountain Pony pont cymru grazer of the week oxwich nnrFfermymorlais Honeysuckle is a 2-year old Gower-bred filly. With her herd, all of whom are registered Welsh Mountain Ponies with the Welsh Pony and Cob Society, she grazes at Oxwich National Nature Reserve on Gower.

Part of an active Welsh Mountain Pony Breeding Stud, the fillies become conservation grazers after weaning. When old enough, they head off to the stallion and to win prizes at shows across Wales as good examples of their breed!

They graze the salt marsh and dunes at Oxwich, keeping the habitat in good ecological condition.

Oxwich NNR is managed by NRW. It has a diverse variety of habitats and as a result, supports a wide range of wildlife. Crushed shells from the beach blow inland and creates chalky soil for orchids which bloom in May and June. In the dune slacks, rare dune gentian and round-leaved wintergreen flourish. A nationally recognised population of small blue butterfly can be found here. The marsh is a haven for bird life, including over wintering wildfowl and vittern. Otters and bats are resident for the wealth of feeding opportunities here.

The ponies help prevent over growth and succession which would threaten this delicate matrix of rare species.

If you need help with a grazing project or have an idea for Grazer of the Week, please get in touch!

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