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Grazer of the Week 8th November; Red the Highland Cross

Red is part of an innovative new community cow-share project taking place on Gower. The cow-shares aim is to rear a small herd of cattle on Fairwood Common, helping to preserve the wildlife value of the common along with other commoners. Red is a Highland x Aberdeen Angus, a small, hardy

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Grazer of the Week 1st November; Honeysuckle the Welsh Mountain Pony

Ffermymorlais Honeysuckle is a 2-year old Gower-bred filly. With her herd, all of whom are registered Welsh Mountain Ponies with the Welsh Pony and Cob Society, she grazes at Oxwich National Nature Reserve on Gower. Part of an active Welsh Mountain Pony Breeding Stud, the fillies become conservation grazers after weaning.

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Pen y Fan ponies

Wild Pony Management

In Wales we can be proud that we can see a visual representation of our heritage in the herds of wild ponies that still roam our mountains and hills. These ponies range over large areas and are distinctive landmarks in areas such as the Gower Hills, Snowdonia National Park and the

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Coastal grazing with cattle PONT Cymru

Grazers and Browsers

The role of large mammals in ecosystems. It’s National Mammal Week and at PONT we wanted to raise awareness of the grazing animals that help to manage ecosystems across Wales. Large herbivores such as cows, ponies and sheep are key in shaping the character of a habitat. To demonstrate how, we

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Grazer of the Week 19th October; Teleri the Torwen

Continuing our waxcap grasslands theme, Teleri is grazing at a farm near Dylife in Powys. The flock of Torwen badger faced sheep are grazing with two ponies, which is preserving these grasslands for at least seven species of waxcaps which are found fruiting here at this time of year. The horses

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Grazer of the Week 11th October; Ellie Wellie the Balwen

Ellie Wellie. Photo Rebecca Thomas Our Grazer of the Week is Ellie Wellie the Balwen Welsh Mountain sheep, who is providing vital conservation grazing on waxcap grasslands at Waun Las NNR. Waun Las is a National Nature Reserve and an economically-viable organic working farm at the National Botanic Garden of Wales.

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