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pony conservation grazing coronation meadow

PONT Pony Corner October 2022

Jean and Felix are continuing their grand tour of South Wales! They are now doing some essential meadow management at The Parish Fields Coronation Meadow. This 3 acre site has a remarkable diversity of wild flowers but when horse grazing was stopped in the 1990s, the biodiversity of the site began

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Ponts pony corner 2 devil's bit scabious grazing for marsh frits

PONT’s Pony Corner August 2022; more help for Marsh Frits!

Remember Jean from last Pony Corner? This week she was happy to be reunited with some old friends at Butterfly Conservations Caeau Ffos Fach Nature Reserve in Cross Hands. This site is also managed for the endangered Marsh Fritillary butterfly. Jean and Co. are doing a great job of grazing off

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wet feet conservation grazing fens

Conservation Grazing a Fen = Wet Feet!

This is what happens when you forget your wellies for cow checks in a fen! Some of our project officer Emma’s cattle are currently conservation grazing the fen at Oxwich National Nature Reserve. Grazing is a valuable habitat management tool for the fens, as cattle will happily push through the dense

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Jean PONT's Pony Corner Conservation Grazing

PONT’s Pony Corner – July 2022

As you know, conservation grazing is at the heart of what we do at PONT Cymru. We help deliver practical grazing projects. Sometimes that means connecting landowners up with those with hungry animals! Jean the Welsh Mountain pony is one of the stalwarts of our conservation grazing family. She has been

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Species in Focus; Chough

Chough Vaughn Matthews The chough is a member of the crow family, distinctive from others thanks to its red legs and beak. The chough has a slightly shyer nature than other crows. They can be seen from the Wales Coast Path performing aerial acrobatics and calling with their distinctive call. The

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Grazier of the Month; Sorcha and Brian Lewis

Meadow on the farm, Sorcha Lewis In 2019, we told you about some of the amazing grazing animals that are working on Brian and Sorcha Lewis conservation grazing projects across Wales. Now for 2020, we’d love to highlight some of the wonderful graziers who look after these animals. We are really

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