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Grazer of the Week 21st June; Pryderi the Welsh Mountain Sheep

Our Grazer of the Week this week is Pryderi the Welsh Mountain Sheep, who grazes some really interesting habitat, managed by the Woodland Trust at Coed Felenrhyd and Llennyrch. This woodland in the Snowdonia National Park has a place in Welsh legend; it is mentioned in the Mabinogion as the last

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kennixton sheep on the island at wwt pont cymru

What makes sheep useful for conservation grazing?

We’ve talked about the reasons why horses and cattle are useful for conservation grazing but what about sheep? Sheep graze differently to cattle and ponies, nibbling very close to the ground, which in high densities can create a very short sward. This can be of benefit to ground nesting birds such

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Grazer of the Week 14th June; Rhos the Belted Galloway

Our Grazer of the Week this week is Rhos the belted galloway. Rhos is one of three belties grazing at Y Gweira Nature Reserve near Llantrisant Common, owned and managed by the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales. Y Gweira is a mosaic of wet heath, mire and marshy grassland,

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Nature-Friendly Farming Series; Hedgerows

One of the best things you can do on a farm or smallholding to encourage wildlife is plant or maintain species-rich hedgerows. It’s hard to imagine the landscape of Britain without hedgerows and in fact, there used to be a lot more of them. Following the Second World War, with government

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NWWT Coronation Meadows Grazing hebridean sheep Houdini grazer of the week

Grazer of the Week 7th June; Houdini the Hebridean Sheep

Our Grazer of the Week this week is Houdini the Hebridean Sheep.  Houdini and field mate Steve McQueen (can you guess what they have been up to lately?) are an important part of North Wales Wildlife Trusts management work at Bridge Craft Meadow, a Coronation Meadow near Holt. Bridge Craft Meadow

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Natterjack Toad Epidalea calamita by berniedup is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Species in Focus; Natterjack Toad

Spend an evening in the sand dunes near Talacre in North Wales at this time of year and if you are lucky you will hear the distinctive call of the natterjack toad. Natterjack toads are distinguished from their more common relatives by a slightly smaller size and a yellow dorsal stripe.

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