About PONT:

PONT works with individuals and organisations to deliver appropriate grazing regimes for the benefit of wildlife, both on individual sites and at a local and regional level. Examples of how PONT has helped to deliver successful grazing solutions can be found on the Projects and Information pages.

In addition to delivering on the ground solutions, PONT collects and shares information about local grazing schemes and examples of best practice. PONT also works to ensure that the importance of grazing animals in the management of habitats for wildlife benefit is recognised at all levels. PONT representatives sit on the Wales Biodiversity Partnership ecosystem groups as well as Plant Link Cymru.

PONT runs training courses for countryside professionals and volunteers such as stock checking and close shepherding. Events for the general public, addressing issues such as dog management, walking with livestock and haymeadow management are arranged in partnership with other organisations. See our Facebook and News page for further details.Jul 22 2014_6963

PONT seeks to inform and influence government policies on environmental and wider countryside issues. PONT was founded in 2005 by the key players in nature conservation and agriculture in
Wales, and was subsequently incorporated as a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee in 2010. PONT receives support and input from a range of organisations across Wales, including conservation organisations, Welsh Government, Natural Resources Wales, National Park authorities, native breed societies and farming unions. PONT is financially supported by Welsh Government.

PONT Constitution February 2018