As a Welsh Government Core Funded organisation until end of March 2018 PONT can offer services for free according to priorities set out in our workplan and targets set by Welsh Government. Please get in touch with your Regional Officer if you would like to discuss specific work areas.

If we are unable to offer the required advice for free then PONT has a range of services which can be offered at a cost to individuals and organisations. Please get in touch with one of the Coordinators should you wish to discuss these options.

Grazing Advice

We can provide advice on any issues connected with grazing of sites for wildlife benefit. We can help by identifying and specifying infrastructure need for different livestock, advise on choice of livestock, liaise with local graziers to source livestock and develop site-specific grazing plans.
Coastal grazing with cattle

Ecological Advice

We can provide ecological advice on grazing management for the full range of semi-natural habitats including grasslands, uplands, woodlands, peatlands, heathlands and sand dunes.

We also have experience of the use of livestock in the restoration of neglected habitats and the creation of new habitats from improved or semi-improved land.

We can provide advice and guidance on the impacts of grazing on different taxonomic groups and resolving conflict between the differing grazing needs of species and habitats.
Consequences of responsible coastal grazing is good ecological impact

Land Management and Agri-environment

We can provide advice on the management of both semi-natural habitats and more intensively managed improved and cropped land. We can prepare full Management Plans, Grazing Plans, Burning/Cutting Management Plans, Farm Plans and Work Schedules.

We can provide examples of Grazing Licenses and Management Agreements.

PONT has been working with partners on the development of Payment for Outcomes approaches to agri-environment. We have considerable experience in developing Conservation Objectives and Habitat Outcomes and tailoring these to local needs.

Ponies make excellent conservation grazing animals


We can help with funding applications which include grazing, land management, local community engagement or conflict resolution in the countryside, such as wild fire and dog management issues.

If PONT is an active partner, this service could be offered at no or low cost.

Grazed coastal heath habitat, habitats such as these can attract funding

Monitoring & Evaluation

We have experience in monitoring the ecological impacts of grazing on a range of habitats. We can carry out baseline studies and repeat monitoring of habitats and species in relation to grazing management.

We can analyse and evaluate results and provide recommendations on future management.

We can disseminate the results of monitoring and tailor reports and workshops to meet audience needs.

Grazing cattle on land at Meirionnydd

Product Marketing

Financial margins for farmers who are grazing livestock for nature benefit can be improved by marketing locally branded produce from the farm gate or through local shops.

PONT has had experience in helping farmers to form marketing groups and work together with local colleges and grant bodies to train producers in marketing and butchery, establish local produce brands and generate a market.
White cattle grazing at Dinefwr Park in Llandeilo

Community Working

PONT has considerable experience in engaging local communities and stimulating interest and enthusiasm for grazing livestock and nature.

We have also been actively involved in securing solutions to difficult issues within local communities, such as challenges that arise between dog walkers and the farming community.

We can offer help in organising events, surveys, educational activities and building partnerships which actively seek to bring together different members of the community and secure greater understanding of our farmed landscapes.
Grazed landscape around Carreg Cennen Carmarthenshire


PONT has developed a number of courses which can be found on the training page which can be delivered to organisations, partnerships or individuals. We can also deliver Lantra accredited Stock Checkers course.