How is PONT Funded?

PONT is funded by a mixture of grant-aided projects and contract work. We work with grant-funded partnership projects led by a range of NGOs and local authorities. Funding sources include HLF, Big Lottery and Welsh Government SMS and ENRaW grants.

We undertake work for Natural Resources Wales, private individuals and other organisations.

In August 2019 we initiated a three-year project in Mid Wales funded by Welsh Government SMS grant.

PONT offers a wide range of services which seek:

  • To promote grazing and land management for the benefit of nature, landscape and cultural heritage by working with farmers, organisations, communities, and graziers.
  • To promote working and cultural landscapes which are rich in wildlife and resilient to future challenges by building bridges between those living, working in and enjoying the countryside.
  • To inform and enthuse local communities and visitors to use and enjoy the countryside in a responsible and sustainable manner. To develop the evidence to inform nature-based solutions to land management challenges for public benefit.
  • To advance the education of the public and professionals in the conservation and protection of the natural environment and the role of farming in this context.

For further information please see PONT Services.


PONT continues to seek grant funding so that it can offer its highly valued services at a lower cost or for free to promote the ambition of the organisation as set out above.