Grazer of the Week 19th October; Teleri the Torwen

conservation grazing waxcap grasslands torwen sheep pont cymruContinuing our waxcap grasslands theme, Teleri is grazing at a farm near Dylife in Powys.

The flock of Torwen badger faced sheep are grazing with two ponies, which is preserving these grasslands for at least seven species of waxcaps which are found fruiting here at this time of year. The horses take the longer, rougher vegetation stimulating more palatable regrowth which is more digestible for the sheep.

In a variety of colours, including white, yellow, red, pink and bright green, waxcaps are still a mystery to mycologists. The methods by which waxcaps feed are still unclear. They are thought to have a mutually beneficial relationship with plant roots, though how this may occur is still unknown!

On this site, the beautiful pink ballerina waxcap can be found. The UK is home to around half the world population of this waxcap.

Waxcaps require a short sward on nutrient-poor soil, which can be maintained with grazing such as this.

Waxcap grassland Dylife conservation GrazingIf you require assistance with grazing management of a waxcap grassland, please contact PONT Cymru.

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