Exciting new PONT project in the Dyfi catchment

Dolau dyfi project pont cymruPONT has successfully secured grant funding from the Welsh Government and European Union through the Rural Development Plan Sustainable Management Scheme. The Dolau Dyfi Project aims to enhance and create wildflower habitat and help connect people and nature through a range of activities in and near local communities.

Lowland semi-natural grassland has suffered dramatic losses estimated at 97% in the UK since 1930 and only fragments of lowland meadows, heathland and bogs remain. This project will undertake work to reverse the decline locally and so improve and restore flowering habitat that local people and visitors can enjoy while also benefiting pollinators, farmland birds and other species creating new opportunities to engage with nature.

Practical conservation management on grasslands, peatland, and ffridd has already been agreed and costed into the project with over 30 local land owners. The work the project will invest in includes managing scrub, bracken and gorse, fencing and other infrastructure for grazing as well as practical help to monitor the impact of the work undertaken. A Dolau Dyfi Meadows Group will be established to support land owners to manage their flowering habitats in the long term.

The project will also invest in activity that helps local people and visitors to enjoy the benefits provided by nature and engage with, and learn about their natural environment. Using the Ivy-leaved Bell Flower as a poignant symbol of wildflowers that are special in the area, the Dolau Dyfi will undertake work with local groups, organisations and individuals to develop ideas for improved access and arts activities. The project will also invest in a programme of led walks and volunteer activities, to benefit health and wellbeing, throughout the project period which runs until the end of June 2022.

What to look out for this autumn:

Training Create a conservation plan PONT CymruLed Walks: The project has already agreed to fund 4 led walks from Machynlleth and 4 from Aberystwyth adding to the programme of walks being offered through the Outdoor Health Project. Visit EcoDyfi or Coed Lleol more info

Recruitment: PONT would like to recruit a Project Officer to undertake the day to day activities on this project. See information here. Closing date Friday 8 November.

Arts activities: We are looking to develop some ideas for our arts activities. Look out for further information on this. We also hope to have a wreath building workshop at the Machynlleth market before Christmas. Details for this are still to be confirmed but please keep an eye on the PONT website and social media for details.

Student Placement: PONT would like to recruit a student in 2020 and one in 2021 to help the Project Officer. This placement will be a paid position offering an excellent opportunity to develop environmental and community experience either as a sandwich year or as a post graduate opportunity. Please get in touch if you are interested.

Any queries while we recruit please look at our FAQs and if you can’t find what you are looking for contact PONT

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