Grazing Facts; Grazing Supports Traditional Farming Families

Conservation Grazing supports traditional farming families PONT CymruIt’s not an easy life being a farmer in rural Wales. Making a living from farming is challenging to say the least and any prospect of extra funding can help keep our farming families on the land they may have farmed for generations.

Conservation projects can encourage a greater community in the countryside by opening communication networks between conservationists and land owners. Landowners can benefit from free grazing or even funding when they get involved in a conservation grazing project and the land manager gains the benefits of grazing animals without having to invest in their own animals. And ultimately, the habitat will benefit, leading to increased biodiversity which can be a benefit to productivity in neighbouring farms.

Good examples of this include the collaboration between PONT Cymru, Gower Meadow Beef, Torcoed Welsh Mountain Ponies and the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales to introduce grazing at Overton Mere. The graziers benefit from free grazing and a unique selling point for the beef, which is wildlife-friendly and sustainable as a result of the cows conservation grazing.

Projects like this can contribute to helping to keep traditional farming families in the countryside.

Contact PONT Cymru for more information on conservation grazing.

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