Grazer of the Week 22nd November; Chloe the Welsh Hill Pony

chloe grazer of the week conservation grazing gower meadowsChloe is a semi-feral Welsh pony, born and bred on the Gower Hills. Pictured here with her foal Gidget, Chloe now conservation grazes around the Gower.

Having completed autumn grazing at Roydon’s corner on the South Gower Coast Nature Reserves, Chloe and her small herd are now grazing at hay meadows across Gower.  Gower has some ancient hay meadows and exceedingly important species-rich grasslands. They are important for meadow plants such as black knapweed, yellow rattle and uncommon species such as whorled caraway. In turn, these plants support a whole ecosystem including butterflies, birds and small mammals.

Difficulties that can obstruct management of a site like this include problems with;

  • Access to the site
  • Access to appropriate machinery for hay cuts
  • Local grazing animals for the winter season.

prior's meadow conservation grazing pont cymruDuring the year PONT staff take part in pony gathers across Wales for herds where population control is required, for example, the Carneddau ponies. We then match suitable ponies with organisations and sites that need conservation grazing with ponies. The ponies are not tamed like a domestic pony as they need to behave naturally and not interact with walkers.

Get in touch if you have a conservation grazing project that needs pony grazing.

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