Job Opportunity – Dolau Dyfi Project Officer

DOLAU DYFI PROJECT JOB DESCRIPTION – PROJECT OFFICER Temporary job opportunity – 6 June to 30 Sept 2022 Download full job description Dolau Dyfi Temporary Project OfficerDownload Background TheDolau Dyfi Project is grant funded by Welsh Government and European Union through the Rural Development Plan Sustainable Management Scheme. It is an

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The use of technology and livestock collars to help graze semi natural habitat such as commons

Boviguard fenceless fencing system on Rhos Common Since 2018 PONT has worked with various partners to trial the use of livestock collars to help keep livestock safe and support tracking on large open spaces. PONT’s first trial was use the Boviguard fenceless fencing system on Rhos Common. Graziers were reluctant to

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Nature Friendly Farming – Payment for Outcomes

PONT is working with the National Trust and Llŷn Landscape Partnership SMS project to pilot an innovative scheme to support and encourage nature friendly farming practices on the Llŷn Peninsula. Farmers are rewarded for habitat improvements based on a 10-point scoring system developed by PONT in consultation with NGO partners and

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Dolau dyfi project pont cymru

Highlights from the first year of the Dolau Dyfi Project

We have been looking back over our highlights from the first year of the Dolau Dyfi Project and we wanted to share some of them with you. As part of the project we will be undertaking practical conservation management on grasslands, peatland, and ffridd on 39 local sites. In the first

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Maintenance Walks Pont Cymru Dolau Dyfi

Maintenance Walks on the paths of Dolau Dyfi

Today was the first of our “Maintenance Walks”, which are part of Dolau Dyfi’s health and wellbeing activities in conjunction with Coed Lleol and Ecodyfi. These are guided walks with the added bonus of doing some very basic maintenance work such as cutting back small branches along the footpath, and picking

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Dolau Dyfi Pollinator Mask

Can you transform yourself into a pollinator? Watch our video (created by ENNYN C.I.C) to learn how to create a pollinator mask using the templates attached. Will you be a beetle, a bee or a butterfly? Don’t forget to take a photo and put it in the comments below! You can

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