Highlights from the first year of the Dolau Dyfi Project

We have been looking back over our highlights from the first year of the Dolau Dyfi Project and we wanted to share some of them with you. As part of the project we will be undertaking practical conservation management on grasslands, peatland, and ffridd on 39 local sites. In the first year of the project we have visited 18 of the sites, conducted baseline surveys on 5 sites, completed practical work such as fencing on 14 of these sites and have set plans in motion to complete more works in 2021. We are looking forward to completing more habitat enhancement work in 2021.

Some of the capital works that have taken place over the last year include:

dolau dyfi project gate replacement

• 2460m x New stock fencing (9 sites)

• 680m x Stock fencing repaired/maintained (4 sites)

• 14 x New gates installed (6 sites)• 4 x Gates re hung (4 sites)

• 2 x New cattle pens

• 5 x Electric fence kits

• 4 x Water troughs (4 sites)

• 1 x New access track (60m)

• 2 x River gates

fencing work dolau dyfi

• 1hectare of rhododendron stem injecting

• Bracken cutting (4 sites)

• Bramble cutting (1 site)

• Hay cutting (1 site)

• 12 x Local contracting companies employed

Since the start of the project we have held 31 health walks, including maintenance walks to help look after the footpaths and a heritage and culture walk.

We were able to adapt to the pandemic by creating two activities for people to enjoy whilst doing their daily exercise and by producing four walk leaflets in the Dolau Dyfi area, including details on important details such as terrain and dog-friendliness.

Back in July, we held 6 Arty Parties for local children, with 65 children from 3 schools taking part. Local company Ennyn CIC ran workshops to help the children create wonderful art works. We also produced three activity films for families to complete at home. The Dolau Dyfi project has provided training opportunities to local people, including two map reading workshops. We have a stock checker course planned for the winter and a programme of volunteer activities planned to start in January!

One of the projects aims is to undertake work to improve access routes and opportunities in the project area. In the first year we surveyed 14 footpaths around Machynlleth and Taliesen/ Tre’r Ddôl and 13 bridleways around the patch. As a result we have undertaken the following works:

• 12 x Self closing gates installed

• 4 x Timber kissing gates repaired

• 70m of resurfaced footpath

• 1 x field gate re-hung

• 4 x Step over stiles to be replaced by Network Rail

Our next steps are to prepare a plan of works for Spring/ Summer 2021 and liaise with landowners and horse riding groups to do so.

We hope you’ve enjoyed hearing our highlights from the first year of the Dolau Dyfi project. Did you take part in any part of the project? Share your thoughts, experiences and photos with us!

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