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Seren the welsh mountain sheep PONT Cymru grazer of the week

Grazer of the Week 12th April; Seren the Welsh Mountain Sheep

Our youngest Grazer of the Week so far is Seren the Welsh Mountain Sheep. Seren grazes in the beautiful Elan Valley. The 70 square miles of the Elan Valley includes moorland, rhos pasture, bog, woodland, wildflower meadows and reservoir. The area is of national importance for wildlife and incorporates 12 separate

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Grazer of the Week 29th March; Anwen the Welsh Black

Anwen and her mixed breed herd of twenty cattle graze at Dare Valley Country Park near Aberdare. Anwen and her herd featured on season 3 of Iolo’s Welsh Parks, when they were celebrated for their assistance maintaining the habitat here for an endangered Welsh species. Dare Valley is a park which

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The Way Pont Works is Changing

The way PONT works is changing: For the last 3.5 years PONT has received core funding from Welsh Government which has meant staff have been able provide lots of advice and support to secure nature friendly grazing on a range of sites across Wales for little or no cost. We have

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Grazing Reduces Fire Risk on COmmon Land PONT Cymru

Grazing Facts; Grazing Reduces Fire Risk

We are coming up to that time of year when unfortunately, we often see fires raging on our common lands. We are particularly concerned about deliberately set grass fires, which cause a risk to life for humans, animals and wildlife. When fires are set too late in the season, they cause

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Ponies Cwm Colhuw PONT Cymru Vaughn Matthews (2)

Grazer of the Week 22nd March; Bronwen the Welsh Pony

This is Bronwen, a Welsh Pony who grazes the coastal meadows at Cwm Colhuw in the Vale of Glamorgan. Cwm Colhuw is managed by the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales. A postcard of the Colhuw valley taken in the 1930s shows the reserve was open grazed pasture with small

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Hoof Prints Sheep Tracking Digital Shepherd PONT Cymru

Hoof Prints at Kenfig Dunes

Do you walk a dog at Kenfig Dunes National Nature Reserve?  We are really pleased to announce the launch of a new phone app which will enable you to track the sheep that are grazing on the dunes. In this way, you can avoid the flock and walk your dog worry-free. We

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