Hoof Prints at Kenfig Dunes

Hoof Prints Sheep Tracking Digital Shepherd PONT CymruDo you walk a dog at Kenfig Dunes National Nature Reserve?  We are really pleased to announce the launch of a new phone app which will enable you to track the sheep that are grazing on the dunes. In this way, you can avoid the flock and walk your dog worry-free.

We are hopeful that this app will reduce the amount of dog worrying incidents that occur at Kenfig. As a very popular site for dog walking, unfortunately there has been a history of sheep being injured or even killed by dogs on the nature reserve.

The app is called ‘HoofPrints’ and you can use it by taking the following steps.

  1. Download the app via PlayStore and sign up using an email address

2) Click on the hamburger menu on the left and choose “All Farms”

3) Then click the (+) icon on the bottom right corner.

Sheep collars Kenfig PONT Cymru

One of the Kenfig Ewes modelling her tracking collar!

4) Input “Kenfig Sheep” (without quotes) as farm name and “313804” (without quotes) as the key.

5) Go back to All Farms and you can see the farm there.

6) Then click on it and you can see the devices on the map. There is a date and time filter, so you can set a specific date and see where the animals have been.

This app has been developed in conjunction with Bridgend County Borough Council, Bridgend Reach and Natural Resources Wales, as part of the Digital Shepherd Project. The app is still in the early stages so please report any issues to us.


10 thoughts on “Hoof Prints at Kenfig Dunes”

  1. Lana

    Left a message on fb. Have finally got the app to work, initially I inputted the name and number but nothing happened. Came out of the app and went back in and did get a map which I honed down as was in France ? got it to Wales to locate kenfig sheep but Feltham street map of sheep activities came up. How do I refine it to locate kenfig hill reserve? Thanks

    1. Rose Post Author

      Hi Lana, I am not sure why it locates a sheep in Feltham! I’m sure they haven’t strayed that far from the reserve. If you zoom out on the map you will see another sheep in Wales, and then you can zoom back in from there. Hope it works for you!

  2. Jan Thomas

    I’ve downloaded the app, followed the instructions above. Clicked onto all farms, to get the map up of Kenfig it says “loading farms” but nothing happens. I don’t have any maps showing. I’m using a Samsung android phone.

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