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Angharad Highland Cow Coity Wallia Commons Pont cymru

Grazer of the Week 23rd August; Angharad the Highland

Angharad the Highland Cow, this weeks’ Grazer of the Week, grazes at Coity Wallia Commons. Part of the herd from Woolies, Wellies and Wine, Angharad is a 4 year old heifer. Coity Wallia Commons is a large area of land (over 1,000 hectares) north of Bridgend, south Wales. The area stretches

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Mac Highland Cow grazer of the week PONT Cymru Parc Slip WTSWW

Grazer of the Week 26th April; Mac the Highland Cow

Mac the Highland Cow (Vaughn Matthews) #grazeroftheweek this week is Mac the Highland, who lives at Parc Slip Nature Reserve in Bridgend, South Wales. Mac, with his fieldmates Hamish and Dougal, are Lapwing Champions on the nature reserve. The three cows graze a large field near the Northern Wetlands, which is

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Ginger Fringer the Highland Cow, Denmark Farm Conservation Centre, PONT Cymru

Grazer of the Week 1st March 2019; Ginger the Highland Cow

The brilliantly nicknamed Ginger Fringer, thanks to that glorious hairstyle, is currently grazing the wildflower meadows at Denmark Farm Conservation Centre, near Lampeter. These lovely boys, owned by local grazier Gwyn Jones, are grazing the meadows to help to encourage more species of wild flowers and all the invertebrates, amphibians, small

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