Commins Coch Maintenance

1 ½ miles / 2 km round the common on paths, tracks and the quiet minor road


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We have mapped it out at OS Maps – Commins Coch

Over the past couple of years Dolau Dyfi have been involved in opening up and maintaining some of the public rights of way around the village, including some paths on the South side of the river and main road. We hope that people will enjoy easier access where we have cleared the overgrowing vegetation. We have also done some waymarking which should benefit both the landowners and walkers.

Recently we worked on the path that goes the way around the bottom of the common, partly on public rights of way and partly on open access land (where we are also allowed to walk). This is a pleasant walk with not too many ups and downs. If it is walked regularly this should keep the vegetation in check. This is especially important in the spring when the bracken begins to grow back. We would love to see more people walking it.

Maps Drawn by Jenny Dingle