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Overton Mere Grazing

Overton Mere, managed by the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales, is an important site for calcareous grassland plants. Grazing ceased on this site many years ago and as a result, gorse scrub has slowly been encroaching on the grassland. PONT Cymru has been working with the Wildlife Trust and

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Dexters Oxwich NNR PONT Cymru

Grazing the Fens at Oxwich NNR

November saw the beginning of a new grazing partnership at NRW managed National Nature Reserve Oxwich. The NNR here is important for the complex mosaics of habitats, providing home for otters, orchids, rare dune gentian and a nationally recognised population of small blue butterfly.   In November, graziers Gower Meadow Beef moved four

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Stu The Dranges Conservation Grazing Wales PONT Cymru b

Grazer of the Week; Stu the Dranges Dexter

Stu the Dexter We would like to introduce you to Stu and his friends Jeff and Giant. Stu is a yearling Dexter, owned by a group affectionately known as ‘Cow Club’. Stu and his small herd are grazing The Dranges Nature Reserve. The Dranges is owned and managed by The Wildlife

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