Careful and appropriate grazing can make the difference between wildlife thriving or disappearing completely.

Land which has been undergrazed can be as poor in value to wildlife as land grazed and trampled by too many animals.

Wildlife will benefit from carefully matching the right livestock to the land, designing a balanced grazing system tailor made to encourage and enhance habitats for specific plants, animals, birds and insects.

PONT (Pori, Natur a Threftadaeth – Grazing, Nature and Heritage) is a not-for-profit organisation which exists to encourage and facilitate grazing for the benefit of the wildlife, landscape and cultural heritage of Wales.

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PONT Advisory service

Dun GrazingPONT is able to offer advice and support to landowners and land managers within Wales, to help to deliver correct grazing management for the benefit of wildlife. Read more...

PONT & Organisations

PONT works with organisations throughout Wales to deliver appropriate grazing for wildlife, both on individual sites and across networks of sites at local and regional levels. Read more...

Grazing Consultancy

PONT offers a consultancy service to organisations and individuals across the UK, to advise on the correct grazing management of sites for the enhancement of wildlife and biodiversity, and to overcome constraints preventing the delivery of appropriate grazing. Read more...

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