The Importance of Colliery Spoil

Importance of colliery spoil for invertebratesDid you know that the remnants of our industrial heritage in Wales are of great value to wildlife? Have a read of this new report by Liam Olds (Colliery Spoil Biodiversity Initiative) on the importance of colliery spoil habitats for invertebrates. It’s a very enlightening report and the results will perhaps be surprising to some people.

It is becoming clear that colliery spoil habitats are an important part of Wales’ heritage and wildlife and conservationists across the country are now working to preserve these unique habitats.

In some cases, conservation grazing can be an important part of the habitat management. At Bryn Tip in Neath Port Talbot, NPT Wildlife have introduced highland cattle to help manage the habitat there.

If you manage coil spoil habitat and would like to introduce grazing there, get in touch with us for help and advice.

highland cattle bryn tip pont cymru

Highland Cattle grazing at Bryn Tip Neath Port Talbot

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