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Mac Highland Cow grazer of the week PONT Cymru Parc Slip WTSWW

Grazer of the Week 26th April; Mac the Highland Cow

Mac the Highland Cow (Vaughn Matthews) #grazeroftheweek this week is Mac the Highland, who lives at Parc Slip Nature Reserve in Bridgend, South Wales. Mac, with his fieldmates Hamish and Dougal, are Lapwing Champions on the nature reserve. The three cows graze a large field near the Northern Wetlands, which is

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Ponies Cwm Colhuw PONT Cymru Vaughn Matthews (2)

Grazer of the Week 22nd March; Bronwen the Welsh Pony

This is Bronwen, a Welsh Pony who grazes the coastal meadows at Cwm Colhuw in the Vale of Glamorgan. Cwm Colhuw is managed by the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales. A postcard of the Colhuw valley taken in the 1930s shows the reserve was open grazed pasture with small

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Overton Mere Grazing

Overton Mere, managed by the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales, is an important site for calcareous grassland plants. Grazing ceased on this site many years ago and as a result, gorse scrub has slowly been encroaching on the grassland. PONT Cymru has been working with the Wildlife Trust and

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Stu The Dranges Conservation Grazing Wales PONT Cymru b

Grazer of the Week; Stu the Dranges Dexter

Stu the Dexter We would like to introduce you to Stu and his friends Jeff and Giant. Stu is a yearling Dexter, owned by a group affectionately known as ‘Cow Club’. Stu and his small herd are grazing The Dranges Nature Reserve. The Dranges is owned and managed by The Wildlife

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