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Grazed coastal heath habitat, habitats such as these can attract funding

Habitat in Focus; Coastal heath

Grazed coastal heath Llyn Peninsula Coastal heath is classified as lowland heath, occurring at an altitude of 300m or below along the coastline of Wales. It is a broadly open landscape on impoverished, acidic mineral and shallow soil, characterised by over 25% cover of ericaceous shrubs Ponies conservation grazing Penmaen Burrows

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Habitat in Focus; Peat Bog

Peat bog is one of Wales’ priority habitats. A typical habitat of our uplands, peat bog/ blanket bog is typified by a thick base layer of peat which supports bog-mosses, heathers and cotton-grasses. The acidic nature of peat leads to an interesting matrix of plant species, including bog asphodel and insectivorous

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Habitat in Focus; Ffridd

Ffridd habitat is an upland habitat, defined as the fringe between more intensively managed upland fields and the open mountain habitats, at altitudes between 100m and 450m [2]. It can include a matrix of different habitats including heath, acid grassland, bog, bracken, rocky outcrops and trees. Generally ffridd habitat has remained

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World Commons Week 2019

8.4% of Wales is Common Land. Historically, certain rights were given to communities to use land which did not belong to them. Commons are important for nature and often large swathes of our most beautiful landscapes. This week is World Commons Week and we want to highlight the importance of our

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Habitat in Focus; Waxcap Grasslands

Take a walk across unimproved upland sheep pasture at this time of year and your eye may be caught by a splash of bright colour in the sward. Autumn is the time when the fruiting bodies of waxcap fungi (Hygrocybe) emerge and they are truly extraordinary. In a variety of colours,

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