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Grazer of the Week Ronnie Lixwm PONT Cymru

Grazer of the Week 19th April; Ronnie the Beltie

Our #grazeroftheweek this week is Ronnie the Belted Galloway. Ronnie grazes with the herd on two SSSIs in Lixwm, Flintshire, Parc Bodlondeb and Parc Gwenallt. The sites are notified for unimproved calcareous grassland, limestone heath and species-rich acid grassland. The calcareous grassland contains sheep’s fescue, quaking-grass and crested hair-grass. You can

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Grazer of the Week 29th March; Anwen the Welsh Black

Anwen and her mixed breed herd of twenty cattle graze at Dare Valley Country Park near Aberdare. Anwen and her herd featured on season 3 of Iolo’s Welsh Parks, when they were celebrated for their assistance maintaining the habitat here for an endangered Welsh species. Dare Valley is a park which

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Hoof Prints Sheep Tracking Digital Shepherd PONT Cymru

Hoof Prints at Kenfig Dunes

Do you walk a dog at Kenfig Dunes National Nature Reserve?  We are really pleased to announce the launch of a new phone app which will enable you to track the sheep that are grazing on the dunes. In this way, you can avoid the flock and walk your dog worry-free. We

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Grazer of the Week PONT Cymru Rhubarb the Belted Galloway

Grazer of the Week 15th March; Rhubarb the Beltie

Rhubarb the Belted Galloway at 3 months old Our #grazeroftheweek this week is Rhubarb the Belted Galloway. She is 3 years old, expecting her first calf in June and a lifelong conservation grazer! Rhubarb is grazing with a herd of Highlands and Belties on Cors Goch fen on Anglesey. The fen

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grazing Animals provide habitat for dung-eating insects PONT Cymru

Grazing Facts; Grazing Animals Provide Habitat for Dung-Eating Insects

If there’s one thing we know about grazing animals, it’s that they produce a lot of poo! Dung is essential for the UK’s 40+ species of dung beetles. Anyone who has ever poo picked after a horse or kicked over a cow pat will have seen holes in the ground underneath.

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Ginger Fringer the Highland Cow, Denmark Farm Conservation Centre, PONT Cymru

Grazer of the Week 1st March 2019; Ginger the Highland Cow

The brilliantly nicknamed Ginger Fringer, thanks to that glorious hairstyle, is currently grazing the wildflower meadows at Denmark Farm Conservation Centre, near Lampeter. These lovely boys, owned by local grazier Gwyn Jones, are grazing the meadows to help to encourage more species of wild flowers and all the invertebrates, amphibians, small

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