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grazing Animals provide habitat for dung-eating insects PONT Cymru

Grazing Facts; Grazing Animals Provide Habitat for Dung-Eating Insects

If there’s one thing we know about grazing animals, it’s that they produce a lot of poo! Dung is essential for the UK’s 40+ species of dung beetles. Anyone who has ever poo picked after a horse or kicked over a cow pat will have seen holes in the ground underneath.

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South wales fire and rescue service PONT Cymru Cwmbach mountain

Controlled Burn at Cwmbach

On the 27th February 2019, the Landowner Engagement Team from South Wales Fire and Rescue Service successfully completed a controlled burn on Cwmbach Mountain, near Aberdare. This burn was to prepare the site for conservation grazing. Cwmbach mountain is a neautral grassland SSSI. PONT have been working with the landowner to install conservation

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Ginger Fringer the Highland Cow, Denmark Farm Conservation Centre, PONT Cymru

Grazer of the Week 1st March 2019; Ginger the Highland Cow

The brilliantly nicknamed Ginger Fringer, thanks to that glorious hairstyle, is currently grazing the wildflower meadows at Denmark Farm Conservation Centre, near Lampeter. These lovely boys, owned by local grazier Gwyn Jones, are grazing the meadows to help to encourage more species of wild flowers and all the invertebrates, amphibians, small

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Dexters Oxwich NNR PONT Cymru

Grazing the Fens at Oxwich NNR

November saw the beginning of a new grazing partnership at NRW managed National Nature Reserve Oxwich. The NNR here is important for the complex mosaics of habitats, providing home for otters, orchids, rare dune gentian and a nationally recognised population of small blue butterfly.   In November, graziers Gower Meadow Beef moved four

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Gower Meadow Beef PONT Cymru Pasture Fed

What are the Benefits of Pasture-Fed Beef?

As you probably know, modern food-production is focused on maximising production and lowering food prices. To keep up with the demands, farmers will often attempt to produce meat and milk as quickly as possible. This means keeping animals indoors and feeding them on grains and even imported soya. The natural diet

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Tudder PONT Cymru

Online Dating for the Modern Cow!

‘Tudder’ is a brand-new app, launched this Valentines Day by Sell My Livestock, which “seeks to unite sheepish farm animals with their soulmates”. The idea is that farmers who are looking for breeding matches for their animals can scroll through possible options to find a potential match. Swipe right for the

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