Grazer of the Week 14th June; Rhos the Belted Galloway

3 cattle y gweira grazer of the week pont cymru 2Our Grazer of the Week this week is Rhos the belted galloway.

Rhos is one of three belties grazing at Y Gweira Nature Reserve near Llantrisant Common, owned and managed by the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales.

Y Gweira is a mosaic of wet heath, mire and marshy grassland, with plants such as petty whin and devil’s bit scabious. Royal fern, which is rare in the Eastern part of Glamorgan, grows along the wet ditches on the reserve.

As with most grasslands, grazing (or a simulation of) is needed in order to maintain the balance of species. At Y Gweira, three heifers owned by local grazier Huw Rees are helping to prevent the rushes, brambles and young birch scrub from becoming too vigorous. The cattle graze in low numbers from April to October.

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