Dolau Dyfi project approaches to land management

The Dolau Dyfi project funded practical works on a number of private farms and sites and at the RSPB Ynys hir Nature Reserve to support management to benefit native wildflowers within a diverse range of habitats. 

Work undertaken includes control of bracken and scrub but crucially for the long term future of these important habitats conservation grazing has been enabled. 

This has been achieved through investment in the necessary infrastructure and equipment and through advice and the production of 5-year management agreements with each land manager.


David Anning – RSPB Ynys hir Reserve

Looking back over the past three-years, Dolau Dyfi has achieved so much at RSPB Ynys-hir. There have been several projects such as ffridd restoration, bog management and wetland maintenance where we have been able to use funding to carry out work that otherwise would not have been possible. 

The project has allowed us to advance our conservation work in areas where we have struggled to carry out work before.

Working with other partners it has been fantastic to see work taking place throughout the valley. This has promoted pride in our local area and enabled local landowners to carry out important management. 

It has also encouraged and inspired local people to enjoy the spectacular places around them.

RSPB Ynys hir Reserve

Work on 414 hectares of RSPB Ynys hir Nature reserve

  • 8 areas within the reserve worked on
  • Habitats: Ffridd, wet and acid grassland, lowland wet with reedbed
  • Lowland wet grassland, Acid grassland and blanket bog
  • Scrub and conifer clearance
  • Bracken control
  • New grazing regimes introduced
  • New infrastructure for grazing
  • Predator fence introduced to protect breeding lapwings
  • 4 x Nofence collars for cattle used for conservation grazing
Coch before birch removal Dec 2020
Coch before birch removal Dec 2020
View after birch removal works in January 2021
View after birch removal works in January 2021

Private sites and farms  

20 Private sites and farms – worked on 108 hectares. 

  • Habitats Marshy, dry acid and neutral grasslands, wetland, ffridd
  • Work on 2 Golf Courses and 18 Private farms
  • 2225 metres of new fencing
  • 1145 metres of fencing repaired
  • 5 water troughs
  • 3 livestock pens
  • 1 access track to take livestock onto heathland
  • 1 pond restoration
  • Bracken controlled
  • Scrub, birch and rhododendron cleared
  • Mowing regime changed
  • Electric fences purchased and leased to land-owners for conservation
  • Advice given and grazing livestock found
  • 20 5-year management agreements signed
  • Lots of enthusiasm and commitment from all involved
  • 1 farm entered a new conservation scheme recently and several others interested in future conservation projects
  • 1 SSSI signed a Section 16 Agreement to continue management for native wildflowers

Ynyslas and Borth Golf Club

Before: Mowed regularly spring and summer Photos credited to Candace Browne
Before: Mowed regularly spring and summer Photos credited to Candace Browne
After: Cut and collect once at end of summer Photos credited to Candace Browne