Melinbyrhedyn Maintenance

Melinbyrhedyn along the River Crewi to the old lead mine (3 miles – 5 km)

Melinbyrhedyn map of walk

Over the past couple of years Dolau Dyfi have been involved in maintaining the public footpath alongside the river Crewi from Melinbyrhedyn to the old lead mines and beyond up onto the track to Rhoswydol.  We have cleared vegetation from the path, made a basic stile and done some waymarking (which should benefit both the landowners and walkers).  

We hope that people will enjoy the easier access and use this path regularly which will really help with keeping the vegetation from encroaching. In particular the 2/3 km half a mile) just downstream from the mine becomes very overgrown with bracken, but this would be less of a problem if it is trampled down especially in spring when it starts to grow back.  

Find it on OS Maps

We have mapped it out on OS Maps Melinbyrhedyn