PONT’s Pony Corner – July 2022

As you know, conservation grazing is at the heart of what we do at PONT Cymru. We help deliver practical grazing projects. Sometimes that means connecting landowners up with those with hungry animals!

Jean PONT's Pony Corner Conservation Grazing

Jean the Welsh Mountain pony is one of the stalwarts of our conservation grazing family. She has been conservation grazing on PONT Projects since she was a yearling. She was born on the Gower Commons and now moves around sites in South Wales undertaking important conservation grazing.

At the moment, Jean can be found near Cross Hands grazing habitat to benefit the Marsh Fritillary butterfly. The long term survival of the marsh fritillary butterfly is dependent on grazing. Appropriate grazing, ideally by cattle, creates the ideal habitat mosaic of tussocky grass for sheltering larval webs and encourages the growth of the food plant.

We will be keeping you up to date with Jean’s activities, as well as some of her conservation grazing friends, in PONT’s Pony Corner!

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