PONT Manure Exchange

The PONT exchange is a mechanism for putting people who have hay or manure in touch with those who want hay or manure.

There is a user registration system for you to input your details.

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Hay meadows are traditional grasslands which are managed by an annual hay cut followed by aftermath grazing.

These meadows are typically rich in flowers, grasses and sedges and support a diversity of insect life. Because they have not been re-seeded with agricultural grass mixtures or treated with inorganic fertilisers and herbicides, they are low productivity and owners struggle to sell the hay and make any profit from their meadows.

There are however horse owners who are increasingly looking to buy low sugar/high fibre hay but may not have the right contacts to source this material.
Hay meadows also may require the application of low volume of farmyard manure rather than artificial fertilisers.

Hay Available? Hay Wanted?

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