PONT Advisory Service

PONT Advisory Service

PONT is able to offer an advisory service to organisations and individuals across Wales, to help with the correct grazing management of sites for the enhancement of wildlife and biodiversity, and to overcome constraints preventing the delivery of appropriate grazing.

PONT has experience of working with partners to develop local grazing schemes and identifying sources of funding to develop grazing projects.





PONT can offer:

  • Advice on the appropriate breeds and types of grazing animals for managing different habitats.
  • Grazing risk assessments to identify site constraints and solutions.
  • Report writing and production of management recommendations where grazing is required.
  • Sourcing of appropriate stock for the management of sites.
  • Development of grazing licences and grazing agreements.
  • Advice on the preparation and production of management plans.
  • Consultation with the public and other stakeholders prior to introducing grazing to previously ungrazed sites.
  • Working with partners to develop site based, regional and landscape scale projects.
  • Identification of funding sources to enable the delivery of grazing solutions.
  • Preparation and submission of funding applications, including facilitation of meetings and presentations to the public or partners.
  • Development of the marketing of products from stock grazing areas rich in wildlife.
  • Advice on invasive species solutions, such as bracken, Molinia, gorse or scrub, where grazing is integral to the solution.
  • Support in delivering the requirements of agri-environment schemes such as Glastir.

Examples of how PONT has been able to work with organisations to achieve successful outcomes include: