Moelgolomen is an organic sheep and beef farm deep in the heart of the Cambrian mountains.

It is currently farmed by Rhodri, his wife Sarah and their three children Elen, Ariana and Cai. Along with Rhodri’s parents, Simon and Monica.

As well as producing beef from their herd of Welsh black cattle and lamb and mutton from their flock of hardy Welsh mountain sheep they have always had a keen interest in the environment and the wildlife that flourishes on the farm.

They have always been in agri-environment schemes. Firstly, Tir Gofal and more recently Glastir, so when the opportunity arose to get involved with the PONT project they jumped at the chance.

The hope was to help encourage more wild flowers to grow on the farm thereby creating more variety of flora which would in turn encourage a greater diversity of pollinators.

This was done by cutting back large areas of gorse to allow the wild flowers to return.

The gorse was then chipped and used as additional winter bedding under the cattle to help create a farm yard manure high in nitrogen to return as organic fertiliser to the silage fields.

With the gorse now cleared the hope is to manage the area using stock to graze and where possible cutting back the gorse and bracken to allow the flora below to flourish