Kill your speed, not our animals

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Three of this community cow-share herd were killed by a hit-and-run in early November 2019

We are very sorry to share the news that Friday’s Grazer of the Week Red and his herd were involved in a hit-and-run on the common on Saturday 9th November. Three of the cows were killed.

We cannot begin to express how sad this is for the community group who were so happy to be starting out with this little herd. A case of careless driving has now unfortunately devastated them.

Commoner Huw Rees elaborates below on the increasing problem of speeding and dangerous driving across common land.

I graze cattle on Llantrisant Common in mid Glamorgan. I have grazing rights on that common passed down through many generations father to son for hundreds of years. Llantrisant is a unique common as it is unusually owned by the grazers, and is also a Site of Special Scientific Interest.

Every year we have animals knocked down on the roads that cross the common. We have been campaigning for over thirty years for this matter to be addressed. So far to deaf ears.

It is the biggest threat to the common and its continued management through grazing, without which many benefits to the local flora and fauna would be lost.

Commoners protesting on Llantrisant common, after a horse was knocked down. dangerous driving speeding

Commoners protesting on Llantrisant common, after a horse was knocked down.

The road that crosses the common connects the old town of Llantrisant to the Royal Mint and the Royal Glamorgan hospital. You can imagine the traffic that flows though it.

Do you graze or have an interest in common land and it’s protection?

If you do, will you support our campaign to end the annual slaughter? Please contact your local Assembly Member and ask them to support our national campaign to reduce the speed on unfenced common roads to 20mph and give our animals a chance.

Thank you.

As well as the threat to grazing animals, speeding vehicles also present a danger to walkers and cyclists. Many farmers are choosing to take their animals off common land which is a threat to the habitats which require maintenance by grazing.

We urge all drivers to do the right thing when driving along the common.

Please drive carefully on the commons, don’t be complacent, livestock can easily step out into the road or be standing on the road.

Just add a minute to your journey by slowing down, it could save you time which could be spent dealing with an accident or your life/ the lives of others.

If you do hit an animal, report it to 101/999 and get help as the animal could be suffering in pain. Do the right thing, don’t hit and run.

Grazing animals on the common is an ancient right which maintains the iconic Gower landscape, reduces fuel load for wildfires, and keeps the land from scrubbing over and becoming inaccessible.

It also protects our rare wildlife. Without them, Gower’s landscape would change beyond recognition

PONT Officer Emma Douglas, part-owner of Red and the other cows who were killed.

Please sign this petition to help improve the safety of the Gower roads and prevent more deaths.

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