Grazer of the Week 17th May; Jean the Welsh Hill Pony

Penmaen Burrows grazing ponies Jean grazer of the weekJean is a hill pony from the Cefn Bryn on the Gower. Owned by graziers Gower Meadow Beef, Jean is a now a conservation grazer doing amazing work at various sites around South Wales. Most recently, Jean and her friends have been grazing at Penmaen Burrows.

Penmaen Burrows, which is owned and managed by the National Trust, can be found nestled between Oxwich Bay and Three Cliffs Bay. Woodland, cliff tops, sand dunes and rare dune heath can be found here.

Heather regeneration penmaen burrows PONT Cymru

Heather regeneration at Penmaen Burrows Spring 2019

The dune heath habitat was threatened by lack of grazing and last year grazing ponies were introduced back onto the headland. At the request of National Trust, PONT installed electric fencing and a small herd of Gower hill ponies spent the summer grazing the headland. We were really pleased this year to see heather regeneration beginning on the site. Ponies have just gone back out onto the headland and we look forward to seeing them continue their good work!

You can catch Jean at the Royal Welsh Smallholding and Countryside Festival this weekend at the PONT stall, come along and say hi!

Don’t forget that you can submit your conservation grazing animals as our Grazer of the Week by posting to Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #grazeroftheweek, tagging @pontcymru

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