Grazer of the Week 27th September; Connor the Highland Cow

connor celtic rainforests highland cow coed y parc pont cymru conservation grazingConnor the Highland steer is an essential team member of the Coedwigoedd Glaw Celtaidd Cymru – Celtic Rainforests Wales project.

The Celtic Rainforests Wales project aims to protect this special Atlantic Oak Woodland/ Celtic Rainforest habitat for future generations by controlling invasive species such as Rhododendron, introducing conservation grazing at specific sites and supporting the sustainable management of ancient woodlands.

rspb coed y parc celtic rainforests conservation grazing PONT CymruThis habitat is unique for its bryophytes and lichens and this innovative project will protect them for the future.

Connor, working with ‘The Twins’, a pair of red Highlands, is grazing RSPB Coed y Parc in Dolgellau. Target species are primarily lichens and bryophytes, but pied flycatcher, wood warbler and hawfinches will also benefit.

The Celtic Rainforests Wales project has received funding from the LIFE programme of the European Union. The Project is a partnership between RSPB Cymru, SNPA, Woodland Trust/Coed Cadw, NRW, DCWW, LIFE, Natura2000

Contact PONT Cymru if you need help with a conservation grazing project.

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