Grazer of the Week 20th September; Bo-Peep the Welsh Mountain Pony

bo-peep cwm ivy marsh conservation grazing ponies PONT Cymru national trustOur #GrazeroftheWeek Torcoed Bo-Peep is currently grazing at Cwm Ivy Salt Marsh on the Gower Peninsula.

Cwm Ivy is a beautiful site with an interesting back story. The area was claimed for farmland during the 17th Century by a strong sea wall that kept the tide at bay. Back in 2014, the sea wall was breached, presenting the National Trust Wales with the opportunity to study the​ restoration of the land from farmland and freshwater marsh, back into salt marsh.

Changes were seen almost immediately, with grasses and trees dying back and new species re-establishing. Now, five years on, the salt marsh is fully functioning and supports​ a huge range of​ birds, insects, mammals including otters and is absolutely teeming with wildlife!

bo-peep cwm ivy marsh conservation grazing ponies PONT Cymru national trustThe site also provides a home for specialist and rare species such as the narrow-mouthed whorl snail.

This small herd of grazing ponies from Torcoed Welsh Mountain Ponies helps to keep the habitats rich in wildlife, by controlling scrub​ and invasive Spartina grass and​ maintaining a fantastic range of flowering plants throughout the year.

Your animal or conservation grazing project can feature as Grazer of the Week, just send through the details to us via messenger or at

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