Grazer of the Week 19th April; Ronnie the Beltie

Grazer of the Week Ronnie Lixwm PONT Cymru Our #grazeroftheweek this week is Ronnie the Belted Galloway.

Ronnie grazes with the herd on two SSSIs in Lixwm, Flintshire, Parc Bodlondeb and Parc Gwenallt. The sites are notified for unimproved calcareous grassland, limestone heath and species-rich acid grassland. The calcareous grassland contains sheep’s fescue, quaking-grass and crested hair-grass. You can also find several uncommon orchid species, including fragrant orchid, green-winged orchid and frog orchid.

PONT assisted with the introduction of grazing to these sites, negotiating a grazing agreement between the local grazier and the landowner.

‘PONT have helped us to introduce these lovely Belted Galloways to Lixwm in Flintshire, bringing back the traditional grazing that is essential for these grasslands. Lixwm is a mix of limestone, acid and neutral grassland, which without grazing was in danger of being lost. The belties are doing a wonderful job of conservation grazing here’

Ceirios Davies

Belties lixwm Grazer of the Week PONT CymruSwyddog Cadwraeth|Conservation Officer

Tim Rheoli Adnoddau Naturiol Siroedd Fflint a Wrecsam | Flintshire and Wrexham Natural Resource Management Team

Cyfoeth Naturiol Cymru | Natural Resources Wales

We are pleased to help landowners and graziers connect to facilitate conservation grazing, please get in touch if you would like our help or advice.

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