Grazer of the Week 15th November; Rod Stewart the Highland

rod stewart the highland grazer of the week pont cymru curlew conservation grazing

Sorcha Lewis

‘Rod Stewart’ the Highland is actually a cow but had to be named as such for her rock star hair! In the beautiful Elan Valley, ‘Rod’ is helping to conserve the curlew population.

In the past two decades, the population of curlew across the UK has halved (Source: RSPB Love Nature). In the Elan Valley, a group of farmers are working hard to improve the prospects for upland wildlife on their farms and the curlew is one of those species benefiting. A targeted mowing regime and conservation grazing of species like this molinia is helping to create ideal conditions for breeding curlew, allowing them open space to view approaching predators and safe nesting spots.

curlew conservation grazing birds nature friendly farming PONT CymruFarmers from the Elan Valley are worried about the future of the breeding population in the area and are doing all they can to preserve the plaintive call of the curlew for future generations. Passionate farmers such as these need support to implement the sustainable and wildlife-friendly farming methods that they’d like to on their lands. Find out more about how you can help nature friendly farmers via the Nature Friendly Farming Network

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