The NRW Shared Outcome Project has enabled PONT to work with the Gower Meadows Group and other partners to trial different management of local meadows and hedgerows. We chose to take a holistic approach to meadow management.

The project aimed to equip Gower Meadows Group owners and other partners with the skills to take into account many facets of grassland management to make informed, sustainable and adaptive management decisions.

It was a short project and funding is now being sought to develop into a longer-term project that can build on what has been learnt and develop these ideas further to support sustainable management going forward.

The Gower Peninsula, South Wales is predominantly made up of a combination of productive agricultural land and Common Land. As a result of the fertile soil, there has been a propensity to maximise production and therefore few semi-natural grasslands remain.

The Gower Meadows project brings together owners and managers of grasslands to learn and manage their meadows in the most sustainable way. Partners include, Gower Meadows Group, NRW, WTSWW, Swansea Council, National Trust, Friends of Morriston Parks, Friends of Clyne Valley Woods and Swansea Community Farm, amongst others.

The project is funded by Natural Resources Wales, Shared Outcomes