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Ennyn CIC Zoom Workshops

Thank you for the fantastic session! Would you be so kind as to let me know when “Arty Party”.

Brilliant project. Elliw throughly enjoy her zoom meeting with you all. And her canvas painting looks amazing. Picture to follow when she’s finished doing all her finishing touches.
Many thanks. 

Soffia had a wonderful time! Luke had a great time. He thought it was fun! He diesn’t feel confident doing arty stuff but said you explained how to do everything. Diolch xx

Cara has loved the session this morning Elin, delighted and you’ve made her year by singing happy birthday too, thank you xxx let me know if you have plans to do more, we would be more than happy to pay for something similar for her as she has enjoyed it so much thank you xxx

Here is a picture of Marged with some of her work. She really enjoyed the workshop.

Thank you very much for the art workshop Elin, kids have really enjoyed

Thank you for such a special workshop!!
C Lloyd

Wildflower Collage

Pollinator Masks

Wildflower Loom

Be inspired by the beautiful wildflowers around you and create a wildflower loom.

Use our video (created by ENNYN C.I.C) to help you get started and see what you can create. Remember to only take a small handful of flowers and only if there are enough as the pollinators need them too!

Take a photo of your creation and pop it in the comments, we’d love to see it. Don’t forget you can help us to explore the Dolau Dyfi project area by completing our wildflower survey – you can even do it at the same time as you collect your wildflowers for the loom!

Please pick wild flowers responsibly. Only take a few at a time. Pick flowers from your own garden or land, or from hedgerows and road verges. NEVER pick wild flowers from private land or protected sites. If you are unsure contact PONT.