Controlled Burn at Cwmbach

South wales fire and rescue service PONT Cymru Cwmbach mountainOn the 27th February 2019, the Landowner Engagement Team from South Wales Fire and Rescue Service successfully completed a controlled burn on Cwmbach Mountain, near Aberdare.

This burn was to prepare the site for conservation grazing. Cwmbach mountain is a neautral grassland SSSI. PONT have been working with the landowner to install conservation grazing on the site after this burn. Burning was the safest and most cost effective way to remove the litter layer and scrub on this steep land and has only been done to pave the way for grazing to be introduced.

After the burn, cattle will be introduced. Their trampling action will suppress the height and vigour of any bracken that may grow back and will control other dominant species. Grazing will help manage this grassland for the benefit of wildlife.

Careful management with grazing from now on should hopefully mean that the site will not need burning again in future.

South wales fire and rescue service PONT Cymru Cwmbach mountainIf you’d like our help with a conservation grazing project, get in contact with PONT Cymru.

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