PONT Staff

Jan Sherry – PONT Coordinator and North Wales Regional Development Officer

Jan is currently working as one of the PONT Coordinators on a job share arrangement with Julia Korn and Hilary Kehoe. In this role she manages the Welsh Government core funding programme.

Jan also shares the North Wales Regional Development Officer job with Hilary Kehoe. In this role she provides advice on grazing and facilitates the development of grazing schemes across North Wales. Jan has advised on habitat management aspects for a number of grazing schemes that PONT is involved in including for the North East Wales Grazing project.

Previously Jan worked for CCW/NRW for almost 15 years as the Heathland Ecologist and latterly covering broader upland habitats.

After leaving NRW she took up her PONT role and also established herself as an independent consultant. She has been developing the baseline monitoring for new grazing regime on the Great Orme.

Jan Sherry
Jan Sherry

Julia Korn – PONT Coordinator

Julia is currently working as one of the Coordinators for PONT as part of the job share arrangement above.

Her role involves managing the Welsh Government Core Funded programme, supporting staff to deliver practical activity on the ground and seeking opportunities to secure PONT’s future beyond March 2018.

Before joining PONT Julia work for CCW and then from 2013 NRW. Initially Julia joined CCW to support the establishment and delivery of Local Biodiversity Action Partnerships and plans across Wales.

In 2010 she became CCW Senior Biodiversity Policy Officer and advised CCW/NRW and Welsh Government on embedding the requirements for habitats and species into their policies. Julia also established and managed the Resilient Ecosystem fund from 2011 until 2015.

Julia Korn
Julia Korn

Hilary Kehoe – North Wales Regional Development Officer / PONT Coordinator

Hilary currently job shares the PONT Coordinator and North Wales Regional Development Officer roles. She has specific responsibility for training and for farmer liaison.

The primary focus of Hilary’s regional role is to facilitate grazing across North Wales and works with organisations and individuals to establishing local grazing schemes.

Hilary Kehoe farms with her family near Bethesda, running cattle and sheep enterprises that work across Anglesey and Gwynedd for conservation management.

She has worked for PONT since 2008 and her initial job was to coordinate and manage the Anglesey Grazing Animals Partnership local grazing scheme. This scheme included working to the establish a local marketing scheme and ‘Wildlife Friendly’ branding for local produce. Hilary also helped with the Partneriaeth Tirlun Llŷn Landscape Partnership HLF project and the successful Nature Fund project on grazing and habitat management work.

Hilary Kehoe
Hilary Kehoe

Emma Douglas – South Wales Regional Development Officer – PONT

Emma currently works for PONT facilitating grazing across South Wales to benefit farmers, communities and nature. One of her priorities is the Glamorgan area where she is working with partners to explore ideas for the establishment of a Glamorgan Grazing Scheme.

Emma grew up on the Gower Peninsula and continues to assist with the running of a small herd of Welsh Black cattle and horses at the family farm.

She previously worked for the Bat Conservation Trust on their Tir Gofal Agri Environment monitoring project before joining PONT in 2012. Emma was the Project Officer for PONT’s BIFFA Award Funded Project on Coity Wallia Commons, Bridgend, South Wales.

Emma Douglas
Emma Douglas


Angie Polkey Mid Wales Regional Development Officer – PONT

Angie is currently working as the PONT mid-Wales Regional Development Officer as part of the job share arrangement mentioned above.

Angie’s career encompasses over 30 years’ of working in ecology & conservation, including environmental education & community engagement. Before joining PONT in 2016, Angie worked for almost 15 years at Denmark Farm Conservation Centre, Ceredigion, and prior to moving to Wales she played significant roles at the RSPB, Learning through Landscapes and Cambridgeshire Wildlife Trust.

Advice to landowners has been a common theme in Angie’s work life and, in addition to working for PONT, she is a freelance teacher, facilitator and advisor in conservation & sustainability.

Angie Polkey
Angie Polkey